If you keep up with the top Scottsdale fitness trends or national trends, you know that ballet barre workouts are all the rage these days and are growing in popularity at lightning speed. They are credited with transforming and maintaining many fabulous Hollywood bodies, such as Madonna and Kelly Ripa; however, beautiful bodies are not just for the rich and famous.

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    FEBRUARY 19, 2014
    How to find a workout you love…
    Shopping for an exercise program that fits your wants and needs is like shopping for anything: if you don’t find the right one at first, keep looking. There’s a fitness regime out there for everyone, no matter your age, shape, size or fitness level. Pick one that works for you.


New Studio for Scottsdale Fitness and Ballet Barre Enthusiasts

Bar Fitness classes incorporate Yoga, Pilates, core conditioning and orthopedic exercises, combined with stretches that strengthen and lengthen your muscles – giving you a longer and leaner physique and a taller appearance. The combination is a proven recipe for toning and strengthening your entire body by lifting and shaping your seat, strengthening and flattening your abdominal muscles, creating muscle and definition in the arms and improving your balance and posture.

1. Interval training, which consists of low or non-impact physical training to boost your cardiovascular system, is followed by a series of deep, muscle-shaping stretches or periods of lower-impact activity for rest and recovery. Interval training is proven effective at burning fat, boosting the metabolism and building muscle endurance.
2. Unique exercises, generally classified as callanetics, that utilize high-repetitions of small and precise muscles contractions, to isolate and strengthen your body’s major muscle groups. We make sure your body is in the correct position first, then add slow, controlled movements to fatigue the muscles, which strengthens them and transforms your shape.
3. Your body needs a balance between strength and flexibility in order to perform optimally and look its best. Flexible muscles stabilize your joints and increase your body’s range of motion. Longer muscles also have a leaner appearance, so we put a concentrated effort on stretching so your muscles look long and lean, not short and bulky.
Our BarFitness studio leads the Scottsdale fitness scene with the most reasonably priced ballet barre fitness classes in the Valley and the best trained instructors in the state. Strive for progress and forget perfection. We will help you find and bring out the best you that you have ever seen, no matter what your current age, shape or size.
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